This Is Me: Trans Healthcare Protest

This Sunday, July 7th there will be a This Is Me – Transgender Healthcare Protest at 3pm, Merrion Square West. Currently there are only 2 consultants that trans people can be referred to for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and there is a waiting list of 2 years.

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health standards are not being met and these consultants have gone against these standards to say they will not adhere to it and instead will use outdated and insulting means where trans people will have to get a psychiatric diagnosis to be permitted to transition.  The Department of Health has nothing to say about this.

Earlier this year Simon Harris said he would meet  with the This Is Me campaign, the Department of Health promised 9 to 11 new positions would be created in the area of trans healthcare, that 100,000 euro would be put in to trans healthcare reducing the waiting list time but so far none of these promises have been fulfilled.

This protest echoes similar calls of the repeal the 8th campaign:

‘We hope that people from every corner of Ireland will come out in force on July 7th, to demand the basic human rights of which the transgender community of Ireland are being denied of. Bodily autonomy, bodily integrity, safe and best practice healthcare, as well as reasonable wait times to obtain such imperative, important and often, lifesaving treatments.’


RSVP and share the event on Facebook here.


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