Soapbox Sessions: Mental Health In Our Community

Soapbox Sessions is now in its 6th year as part of Dublin Pride events. Hosted by Laura Louise Condell it’s a kind of queer related Ted/Head Talks with a variety of speakers.

We have been lucky enough to be asked by Laura to speak about our social group mainly because the Dublin Pride theme this year is Family.

It’s a free event held downstairs in Outhouse at 3pm this Saturday, June 23rd.

Here is a first look at one of our fantastic speakers for Saturday.

Kirsty Donohue, who describes herself as a “Busy mum, blessed with 3 inspirational children, whose life has been further enriched and enhanced after her eldest child came out as being transgender 3 years ago” will be talking to us about what the last 3 years have been like, for her and her family. Check out Kirsty’s inspirational page FTM Mum – Journey Of Transition (

Dermot McCarthy is a qualified counsellor and will talk about how he went from attending therapy to becoming a therapist supporting our community especially. He welcomes people from all gender and sexual identities and has recently developed a “passion for working with the LGBT youth of modern Ireland” especially young trans people. He “salutes the bravery of young Irish LGBT” people and wants to be part supporting their mental health.

Meet Ragad – Iraqi. Muslim. Feminist. Part of the LGBT+ community. Outhouse Favourite. Hear Ragad’s message to people who are struggling, whether it’s because of your identity, your mental health or your circumstances and what she thinks of those who don’t accept people for who they are.

Soapbox Sessions favourite Michael Kavanagh is back to take the stage for a third time! While we know him as a talented spoken-word artist he’s also making a name for himself as an activist. He’s fresh out of a degree in Psychology from DCU and while there he chaired the LGBTA society and successfully campaigned for gender neutral bathrooms on campus. Find him making terrible puns (his words not mine!) on Twitter @Mike_Drop_95 or see his puppy (Stitch!) on Instagram @pun_one_95 or check out his recent article on Spunout.

Next up Noah Halpin! Noah is a 27 year old transgender man from North Co. Dublin.
Noah is the founder of the This Is Me – Transgender Healthcare Campaign (#ThisIsMe), whom are fighting tirelessly for accessible, safe, adequate and best practice healthcare for transgender and non binary people in Ireland.
He will be speaking about life before, during and after the journey of coming out as a trans man, along with all of its trials and tribulations, as well as what the community as a whole, can do to help their trans/non binary siblings. #WeareFamily.

He is organising this protest for July 7th, all support encouraged and welcome:

We could not be happier to have Hannah Kelly speaking at the Soapbox Session on Saturday! If you want to label her: she’s 22, bisexual, veggie, queer woman. And so much more. Hannah will be breaking down barriers by sharing her experience of bi-erasure and she’s going to remind our LGBT+ community that bi people are part of the family too!


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