Is Dublin Pride Inclusive Enough?

Dublin Pride has always claimed to be inclusive and diverse when it comes to all the letters of the queer alphabet but some have been pointing out that the Dublin Pride guide of events is not catering for lesbians, bisexuals or trans members of the community.

Dyke Night seems to be done away with and replaced with ‘Girls’ Night In’ speedfriending and Spinster but there’s no specific trans or bisexual events.

The grand Marshall this year is Sarah R. Phillips and the booklet has a 2 page spread for TENI but no trans specific events like Bear Pride.

‘Gay’ is in many event names but all the other letters seem to have been left out or dodged.

This tweet by @birdbirdeos has gotten a lot of retweet and likes from people who agree and when shared on LGBTQ+ 20s30s Dublin Ladies* the response was the same.

‘Even in marginalised groups it’s cis men (often white) who benefit the most.’

‘They need a kick in the hole it’s pride not 3 weeks of gay men.’

‘As a bisexual woman I’m not surprised in the least. Very underrepresented in the community and have experienced biphobia from the community too.’

Do the Dublin Pride organisers need a shake up like GCN?


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