Why Has Dublin Got Two Gay Bars

What was formerly Front Lounge, an LGBTQ space, is to be ruined and turned in to a reggae/ska live music venue called ‘Street 66’. What the f*ck? Who in their right mind asked for this and condoned this transition?

ff68c57c6d500a33006f968f30d88948The LGBTQ community have given Front Lounge their gay euro consistently and loyally over the years only to be met with disrespect. This was apparent when Front Lounge tried to fancy itself up a while ago and failed. Now it seems to be trying again only this time completely going for new customers and cashing in on the fall of Sweeney’s and their alt crowd.

Ireland legalised gay marriage and what spaces do the LGBTQ community have to formally call their’s? Panti Bar and The George, two great bars but that’s it. TWO. Why aren’t more gay pubs, bars, cafes and businesses opening in Dublin? Front Lounge was considered to be another comfortable LGBTQ space and judging by last weekend it was packed with lesbians, gays and queer folk. Only to be slapped in the face with this news.

Did someone honestly think ‘hmm, Dublin has too many spots for the gays to chill out in, let’s take away the third main place they have and make it a live reggae/ska music bar.’? What were they on?

The community is outraged and rightly so. It’s ridiculous and I know myself and a whole lot of other LGBTQ people wont be heading to Front Lounge/Street 66 any more.

Hey, Dublin businesses, there’s a whole community waiting for a new place or two to spend their money, who is going to cash in on that?



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