Grafton Street Christmas Lights Letdown

On Sunday, November 13th, a group of us ladies headed to Grafton Street expecting it to be somewhat crowded but with music,a good atmosphere and a bit of a wait to see the lights come on.


What we actually got was 15,000 adults and children squeezed together along a very narrow Grafton Street with no hope of getting near the top to witness any kind of ‘festive magic’. Men, women,children and prams of all shapes and sizes were crammed side by side and left wondering what in the name of jaysus was going on.

Most people seemed to think the lights would go on between 6pm and 6.30pm but we were all left waiting for at least an hour or more with no extra speakers or screens to show us what we were missing, no organisation and about 14,000 pissed off people.

As if the cramming and pushing and shoving by weren’t bad enough, some absolute scumbag wanker in the crowd threw a cup of hot chocolate backwards in to the crowd, getting a new born in the face while the baby screamed and the horrified father immediately ran off for help.

People are not happy, no one important switched them on, the music was cancelled due to safety concerns with the size of the crowd AND when the lights DID come on, the LEAST we expected was for them to go on one by one down the street but they even managed to screw that up, with the lights all simultaneously turning on all of a sudden.

Also, what kind of crack were the Indo smoking when they wrote this review of the Christmas events?




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