Big Gay 12 Pubs of Christmas

Here it is ladies! The Big Gay 12 Pubs of Christmas on Saturday, December 3rd!

af2jq0-l-610x610-gay-dyke-funny-gays-lesbian-lesbians-dykes-sweaters-xmas-holidays-humour-glbt-glbtq-lgbt-lgbtq-uglychristmassweater-christmas-uglychristmassweaterpartyCheesy Christmas attire is essential for this. Since Dublin has a whopping 3 well known LGBT pubs we’ve improvised and currently this is our 12 pubs crawl route:

The Black Sheep-Panti Bar-Nealons-Workmans-Front Lounge-Buskers-The Dubliner-Mercantile-Globe Bar-Hogan’s-Long-The George

*The route may change slightly before the event*

The 12 Pubs Rules: One Rule Per Pub

1.Drink with the hand you don’t use.
2.Speak in a different accent until we leave for the next pub
3.The silent pub,shhhhh!
4.The Partner pub. Another person must feed you your drink.
5.Shoe swap pub!
6.No Swearing pub
7.No first names and no pointing pub
8.Whoever finishes their drink last must carry a random item around the next pub
9.The singing pub. You must sing what you say.
10.Selfie with a stranger pub.
11.The no phones pub.
12. The dance pub.

Everyone must drink a pint of water every three pubs. Eat something at least 90 minutes before starting 12 pubs also.

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