Dublin Dyke Hikes

Since starting the ’20/30 something Dublin lesbians’ meetup, there has been several hikes, all of which have gone beautifully.

There has been the Bray to Greystones cliff walk twice and the last hike was Howth. The dyke hikes are always great for getting to chat away to some of the other ladies, get to know each other better, while enjoying the gorgeous natural views and fresh air (as well as some exercise).

14199752_10154613472995209_6179828055958250462_nOn one of our Bray-Greystones hikes, after we tried and failed to get food at The Happy Pear (because they were so busy) we spotted Hozier out for a stroll. We managed to just stare after him until one of the ladies called out to him in her finest Dublin accent ‘AAANDREEEEEW!’, to which he turned and gave our group a little wave before going on his way.

I’m pleased to say that on another Bray-Greystones hike we managed to sit down in The Happy Pear and enjoy some delicious, fresh, natural food.

Usually some of us continue back to the city centre for some drinks with even more ladies that couldn’t make the hike, and have a fun evening in Panti Bar or the Front Lounge.

The dyke hikes are one of the best ways to spend your day making some great friends with other twenty/thirty something LGBT ladies.



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