Coming To Your First Meetup

So! You’ve found us, the ‘Twenty/Thirty Something Dublin Lesbians’ (just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?). Now what? You scroll through the up-coming events and RSVP to one or two you like the sound of. You even join us on Facebook and check this supporting blog out.

From experience, it may take you a few tries to actually come along to something. It took me quite a while to build up the courage to go along to my first one, alone, not knowing what the people would be like or what they actually looked like.
It’s the closest feeling to a first date I’ve ever felt, without actually being on a first date. But, everyone is in the same boat, and there is plenty of us including me, to reassure you and to meet you because even having to walk in to somewhere alone and looking for people you don’t know, is enough to stop you coming along.

But I get that and after you arrive and people get talking it gets easier and easier and then any other meetups are a piece of cake to get yourself to go to. It’s worth the friends you can make, the socialising you do and being around other ladies that are the same age and experiencing or have experienced the same things.

If you’re nervous about coming but really want to but aren’t sure about going on your own just give me a message on meetups or Facebook for some support and to put your mind at ease.







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