As part of GCN’s In And Out Digital Festival of LGBT+ Creativity – it’s time to get moving with Queer Yoga from The Yoga Root!

Wrap up the week on Friday with the ultimate in fun workouts as the fabulous Derrick Dark from The Yoga Root in Westport will be online at 6pm on our GCN Facebook page to lead a exceptional class.

Derrick shared, “We will sweat, we will dance, and we will POSE, baby! So bring your fans, wear your jewels, and put on your heels if you dare. Don’t worry, we’ll start with a warm up and a short flow to get things cookin’ before we get into the bigger poses. We may end in a meditation, or a dance party… who knows. Just show up.”

Now how can you argue with that?!

Come along to our virtual Queerantine Quizz this Friday at 8pm! It’s set up to be a very good one indeed.

The one and only Bunny O’Hare will be our fabulous host and the winner will walk away with their very own Google Smart Home speaker.

Entry is €10 per table/screen and log in details will come your way before we kick off. You can register at: https://www.belongto.org/queerantine-quiz/



Drag Race Watch-Along with us! Let’s watch and react to the next episode of Drag Race.


Dublin Lesbian Line Zoom Quiz
What better way to spend a Saturday evening in these challenging times than a quiz? Join us next Saturday from 8pm on Zoom.
Zoom link https://us04web.zoom.us/j/818896438…


Quarantine Queens
Find your inner quarantine QUEEN by tuning into the best mixes from your fave femme, womxn, and nb artists on ZOOM every week till the end of lockdown 💖🚨 LINK TO BE POSTED ON THE EVENT PAGE AT START OF STREAM 🚨https://www.facebook.com/events/2258525094457352/?event_time_id=2258525137790681 

First Digital Dublin Pride Set For June

pridelogo20Dublin Pride has announced this morning that the usual physical Pride and Mother Block Party is cancelled.

They have stated that:

It is with great regret that Dublin LGBTQ Pride has decided to cancel our annual Pride Parade for 2020. Although we had initially postponed the Parade until September, we feel the scale of one of the largest events in the country would place unnecessary pressure on essential frontline services and resources that will have been at full stretch for many months. When we chose “In This Together” as our theme for 2020, we knew it was not just a phrase, but a responsibility. A responsibility to act in the best interests of all our communities, to react to changing circumstances and to support our frontline workers.

But Dublin Pride realise that this part of the year is huge for LGBTQIA+ organisations to raise funds and so are moving Dublin Pride virtually.

The official Digital Dublin Pride festival launch is May 22nd  where a 30 minute live stream with the Lord Mayor and special guests will talk. It also coincides with the 5th anniversary of marriage equality so there will be a mix of pre-recorded and live footage.

Digital Dublin Pride will take place during Pride’s usual dates which are June 18th-June 28th. A number of online events by Dublin Pride and LGBTQI+ organisations will be hosted including a virtual walking tour, talks, exhibitions and more.

June 28th the virtual pride parade takes place with Paul Ryder and Eddie McGuinness with a mix of pre-recorded and edited submissions from community organisations, partners, the public. Followed by the Pride Concert.

Flags will still be raised, buildings will still be lit up and the whole city is encouraged to dress up and be as loud and proud as we always are!

New Dublin ‘Queer’ Night Offends and Misses Point

A new club night called ‘Blasphemy‘ has offended Dublin’s LGBTQIA community by describing themselves as LGBTQS+ the S meaning straight.

Here they are messaged by twitter user @brianmacuidhir and when asked about this and replies look like the need and point of queer spaces goes over the organisers heads.

Responses to another twitter user who noticed this have been met with many people offended by this new club night.

Irish Study Finds LGBTQIA Women* Feel Angry, Unsafe & Scared of Daily Sexual Harassment

Dublin Lesbian Line launched a study in to LGBTQIA sexual harassment based on gender and sexuality here in Ireland.

They have just released their findings and they show who women* face sexual harassment from, where and how it effects them.

They have found women* will modify behaviour like not holding hands, omitting information to certain people like work colleagues or taxi men and some feel unsafe about expressing their identity through how they dress.

LGBTQIA women* can’t even escape it in their own ‘safe’ spaces. They are still targeted.

Online the situation is even worse for LGBTQIA women* being left private messages and comments about their identity, sexuality and more.

To tackle these serious issues solutions named have been getting hate crimes legislation in place, educating Gardaí, continuing to be visible in our sexual identities and providing support.

Greyhound Recycling Feature Finds Your Old Homophobic Tweets

This Pride month Greyhound Recycling and Recovery have made a feature called ‘Bin of Old Behaviours’ that finds any old homophobic or problematic tweets you made and gives you the chance to ‘recycle’ them and own up, to make social networks a less toxic place.

This is Greyhound’s attempt at tackling ‘call out culture’ where people find old tweets of others like celebrities and call them out about them.

Greyhound believes that everyone should be given the chance to recycle their thoughts and be more open and loving. We believe the current culture does not allow people to learn and grow.
Being involved in recycling, this tool seemed like a wonderful opportunity for us to use our expertise to make the world a better place,” says Michael Buckley, Owner, Greyhound Recycling and Recovery.

But to find any old tweets like this the feature looks through your old tweets that show up certain words. Only then can you recycle the tweet, with a personalised picture showing it and you redeeming yourself for it.

Not sure if you have ever tweeted something offensive or dickhead-ish? Give it a go and see.
here http://www.binofoldbehaviours.com

Dublin Pride Speed Friending

One of the things people find as they get older and busier, is that making new friends is not so easy.

Where do you go? How do you approach potential friends? Especially queer ones?

Friends we have become busy with babies, partners, work and they’re own stuff so what do we do when we realise outside of work and the few close friends we may have, there’s not really anyone else.

You go out and meet new people. Its daunting but with an event like Speed Friending everyone is there for the same reasons. They want to expand their queer circle of friends, interact with all different kinds of people.

Clicking with someone is one of the best things and having a few new friends means you’ve more people to hang out with, share interests with and chat to.

This Saturday, June 22nd at 3pm, in Outhouse our member Steph Palmer is hosting Speed Friending. This is your chance to go and socialise with others looking to make friends theres only good things to gain!

Taylor Swift ‘You Need To Calm Down’ LGBTQ+ Video Lands

Taylor Swift has just released the video for her new single ‘You Need To Calm Down’ which is a song about how to be and LGBTQIA+ ally.

It is packed full of queer celebrities such as Hayley Kiyoko, Adam Lambert,Ellen DeGeneres, Ryan Reynolds, Bobby Berk, Billy Porter, Ciara, RuPaul, Jesse Tyler Fergusonn, Justin Mikita, Todrick Hall, Adam Rippon, Chester Lockhart, Dexter Mayfield, Hannah Hart, Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Jonathan Van Ness and more.

Here it is just in time for Pride.

Gardaí, RTE & Corporations Unwelcome At Alternative Pride

Queer Action Ireland have said they will not be part of Dublin Pride 2019 as they can not accept Gardaí, RTE and more corporations included this year.

They will do a separate ‘Alternative Pride‘ starting from the Rosie Hackett bridge on June 29th. They have issued this statement:

Queer Action Ireland regret that we cannot conciously participate in Dublin Pride 2019, even in an oppositional radical bloc, as we have done in previous years.

The participation of Gardai in uniform in this year’s parade is in direct opposition to the liberatory principles of Pride, which was established 50 years ago; initially in response to police brutality that was directed towards the LGBTQ+ community of New York City, and then broadened out internationally. The police continue to target LGBTQ+ people, sex workers, migrant and other ethnic minority people in Ireland today. Just this week, the Gardai have arrested migrant sex workers on both sides of the country.

Cops marching in Pride is not a sign of progress, but rather a representation of the further cooptation of our struggle. While police will make concessions and recruit from our queer and migrant poplulations, their role remains the same. We in Queer Action Ireland view the police force as a weapon that is designed for the specific purpose of keeping us down. The police are not just workers in uniform and they were not created to protect and serve the ordinary population. In fact, the idea of cops neutrally enforcing “the law”, when the law itself has never been neutral, is an illusory idea.

The origins of the police lies in their creation to protect the system by imposing order on working class communities, breaking-up strikes and repressing workers. The idea of “Guardians of the Peace” means guardians of the peace for those who rule over us. This is why we see cops supporting evictions or protecting wealthy land hoarders and landlords, and it’s why we saw them attack people in the Take Back the City movement last year, while protecting private security forces who assaulted housing activists.

We cannot march in a parade that welcomes RTE as an official media sponsor; a broadcaster who welcomed transphobic hate speech onto the air not months ago, and whose commitment to so-called “balanced” reporting has led to the perpetuation of dangerous ideas and rhetoric around the island of Ireland, that endangers the lives of the queer community.

We cannot march in a parade that so readily welcomes corporations who see our community as no more than a marketing demographic; who sell our data to political parties and other companies for profit; who exploit us all and oppress LGBTQ and migrant workers; who take our homes and sell them to the highest bidder; who refuse to provide adequate rights to their workers or recognise a trade union; and who rent out homes stolen from the Palestinian people in the occupied territories, or shut down the bank accounts of Palestinian Solidarity organisations.

We cannot march in a parade with establishment political parties who dress up in rainbows yet oversee the for-profit racist detention centres that they call direct provision, which makes lots of money for their ruling class. Only this month we learned that Sylva Tukula, a trans woman that they housed in an all male centre who died last year, was buried in secret, without telling her friends and without it being known where she is buried, or how she died. Nor can we march with government parties whose decision to end the Irish Navy’s ability to engage in search and rescue work will inevitably mean thousands of more deaths at sea of those who seek refuge. Nor can we march with a government whose department of justice carries out deportations, and who issued a refusal form, in April of this year, to a lesbian seeking asylum from persecution. Nor can we march in a parade with a semi-state company who perpetuates bigotry by driving around with an advertisement for a fascist one month, and a rainbow the next.

We cannot march in a parade that comprises itself of all of this, and then purely symbolically sets its theme as “Rainbow Revolution”, an empty gesture. This is insulting to the millions of queer people whose shoulders we stand on, who struggled before us for every right we have today, while never needing the sponsorship of any big corporations to achieve their wins. This hypocrisy speaks volumes as to how detached Dublin Pride is from the fight for queer liberation. It has become a shadow of what it once was, co-opted by capitalists who hope to assimilate and profit off the queer community, reducing us to no more than statistics in their empty marketing campaigns.

We invite and encourage all queers who refuse to accept this sanitised and assimilated version of Pride, to meet us at the Rosie Hackett Bridge on June 29th from midday at 12pm, for a celebration of what Pride should be: Listening to each other in our struggles and working to draw attention to the issues that continue to affect our community today, in a fight for a better world where we control our own destinies.’